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Alexander Rekeda

Founder of Unity for Freedom

Alexander Rekeda is a business owner and a giver who is involved in a lot of business and charity projects. In 2022, he helped start an organization called Unity for Freedom, which helps people in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. The organization's efforts have been very successful, and Rekeda's strategic management has helped ensure that resources are handled well and sent to the places where they are most needed. Unity for Freedom immediately helps Ukrainians and plans for the days after the war to help them stay alive and have the tools to deal with the long-term effects of living through armed conflict. Alexander is a Canadian citizen who was born in Ukraine. When the war in Ukraine started in February 2022, he wanted to find a better way to get help to the people there and get it to them quickly. After giving to different relief organizations in different ways, he joined with a group of friends to start the Unity for Freedom charity, which helps get aid to people faster and for less money than bigger charities. Alexander started Unity for Freedom and is the organization's executive director. Unity for Freedom is a nonprofit group that responds quickly to new hotspots and concerns in the Ukrainian crisis while focusing on long-term needs and resources. Alexander's work has been published in The Huffington Post, The Hill, Newsweek, and other magazines. Alexander helped start a charity called Unity for Freedom, which helps people in Ukraine. Alexander and his team have been in Ukraine since the war started, working hard to help those hurt by the fighting. He has seen how terrible war is and is determined to do everything he can to help those who are hurting. Alexander Rekeda and his team at the charity War Victims have been on the front lines of the war in Ukraine since it started. They work hard to help those who have been hurt.